Trinity debate

This debate was quite a dramatic one, especially by Dr. Clark.

The following is what I wrote in a comment on this video.

Sure, agree Dr. Clark behaved as if something gotten into him, like a drunk. He was angry against ( the God of the Bible that according to him ‘does not exist’ and ) the preachers who made money talking about that God of the Bible. He was disrespectful of both the audience and time. Bad day for him. But he kept asking “Show Me,” “Show Me.” He sure wanted to see a miracle. But, his question is genuine. The way he asked it was a bit weird. Well, I have asked that same question and gotten no answer. I haven’t seen a single miracle despite the millions claimed on social media. I haven’t seen one genuine miracle. I want to see. All the miracles recorded in the Bible are in the past. – – – – – – – – – – My real question today and has been for a number of years is “when was the last time the God of the Bible spoke to you, if he ever did?” The last time God spoke to me was ‘never.’ Sure, I have read the Bible cover to cover at least once. I served in a Christian organization for more than 9 years. Was a Christian for more than 20 years. Even served as a Missionary to another city in India and preached the gospel in un-trodden villages. My turning point was when God of the Bible did not speak to my Dad who was in sick bed for number of days due to an untimely accident. He was Hindu. If the God of the Bible was live and spoke to people, it was my father that genuinely needed to hear Him. Not for a miracle but just to confirm that He was the savior of the world. I was a Christian and sure God wanted my father to be saved! But, God did not speak to my Dad. My Dad passed away. The last time I saw him was in a black plastic bag. So, Does the God of the Bible really speak, at all???? I am still waiting. ……….

By Poli Sci Cul


Dono much about politics but I do have an opinion or two


All religions are not same. Religions are exclusive, not inclusive. Each religion's claims are radically different in some aspects while similar in some other aspects. As far as religions are concerned, all roads do not lead to the same destination. Just like the word 'science' is a general/broader term but each branch of Science is vast, deep, and different; so are the claims/ideologies of each religion. I am a seeker of the truth, willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.


Science is materialistic.


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