the leper’s zeal

Watch the video on Face Book.

Someone who knows Telugu better than me, please provide a better translation than mine. Google’s translation is the worst!

Here is my take on it.

A 60-plus-year-old woman, a beggar stricken with leprosy, impressed a Hindu priest by her Christian prayers after he gave her some money.

When asked, she refused to take names of Hindu gods/goddesses.

The Hindu priest then challenges all Hindus to be zealous for their religion like this Christian is zealous for hers.

He was not disrespectful but appreciated her zeal for her religion.

His complaints:
1) the church she went/belonged to took money from her. They are doing their business very well. The religion lives on the money funded by beggars and lepers.

Well, we do not know the full story.
Did the church demand tithes even from this old lady? We don’t know. But she seemed all the more willing to give/pay tithes/offerings from what she had/earned as a beggar to the church.

2) Christianity is a copy/paste religion.

3) Christians and Muslims build their places of worship on Hindu places of worship

4) Why did Jesus not heal you of your leprosy?

5) India is the land of rivers: Godhavari, Ganga, Jamuna, Krishna.

But wherever Christianity and Islam is, there is no water

6) Hindus pray to any god. We are all inclusive. But this woman is not.

This (her zeal (and her religion) ), according to the priest, is poisonous.

7) Hindus do not even know how many chapters are in Bhagavad Gita.

8) In our temples, giving money is voluntary. But in Christianity, they dont even spare an old woman, a beggar.

He is a good man. He did not hurt anybody.

By Poli Sci Cul


Dono much about politics but I do have an opinion or two


All religions are not same. Religions are exclusive, not inclusive. Each religion's claims are radically different in some aspects while similar in some other aspects. As far as religions are concerned, all roads do not lead to the same destination. Just like the word 'science' is a general/broader term but each branch of Science is vast, deep, and different; so are the claims/ideologies of each religion. I am a seeker of the truth, willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.


Science is materialistic.


Culture is where society is.

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