The Duggar Family

Today, the Duggar family visited/attended our church, First Dallas.

We had the privilege of talking to the Duggars and take a snap or two with them.  They were all very nice to talk to. The kids were all well behaved and beautiful.  We thank and praise God for their big family!

I spoke to John, Jana, Jill (3 of 19 kids), Jim Bob, Michelle (parents) exchanging some handshakes and hugs.  Josh (the first born) and his family were not here today.

The Duggar family is a big one with 19 kids and counting!  They are pro-life!  If you don’t know anything about the Duggar family, click here to visit their official website.

Just about two weeks ago, we found about the Duggars on Netflix.  Since then, we have been watching all the episodes one by one as and when possible.

Here is a small video clip of our meeting with the Duggars after the Worship.


By Poli Sci Cul


Dono much about politics but I do have an opinion or two


All religions are not same. Religions are exclusive, not inclusive. Each religion's claims are radically different in some aspects while similar in some other aspects. As far as religions are concerned, all roads do not lead to the same destination. Just like the word 'science' is a general/broader term but each branch of Science is vast, deep, and different; so are the claims/ideologies of each religion. I am a seeker of the truth, willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.


Science is materialistic.


Culture is where society is.