Obamastrophe 2

Out of 17 million visitors, only 20,000 have been enrolled.

White House refuses to release official enrollment data until next month.

An insurance company providing ObamaCare also struggles to enroll….

By now, everyone knows that Obamacare enrollment is far, far, below target levels. According to a memo uncovered by the AP, the White House was expecting 500,000 signups by November 1st.  Their target by the end of the year was 3.3 million.  The most recent estimate is that – overall – a measly 51,000 people had actually registered – most of them via state exchanges in California and New York.  Granted, that number was released last week so, while it may be a bit higher today, it’s still not going to be anywhere near projections.

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Here is the video by CBS (published on 18 Oct 13):

I hope we will have some answers soon – Nancy Pelosi.




One of the navigators (staff) of ObamaCare has a long rap sheet (slang for ‘police arrest record’).

The software creation was outsourced to a company in Canada that had just ‘1’ bid.

Watch it for yourself:

Another video by AMTV:

Here is a website that helps you calculate your subsidy:

Subsity Calculator

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