Some of you will leave but some of you will stay back

Some of you will leave but some of you will stay back is the very first statement the judge made in a court hearing session i was part of years ago!

Many years ago, while we were living in Missouri, I got a traffic ticket one cold day. It was for not slowing down ‘enough’ at a four way traffic stop signal.

The officer i had two options. One, to pay off immediately. Two, to appear/appeal in a court. I chose the second one. Mainly because I wanted to see court in session. The ticket was for $55.

After a few days I arrive in the local court house. Waiting for the judge. Judge arrives. we all stand up.

The very first the the Judge says is this: ‘most of you will go back, some will stay.’ May not be the exact words he used but it is exactly what he meant.

I got a little shock through my spine when I heard that statement for the first time.

My turn came sooner because they did the traffic offenses first. Judge had difficulty pronouncing my name. So I helped me a little bit with that.

It was my chance to appeal or accept charges as levied by the officer.

Remember the first statement by the Judge. I got scared and said “i accept’ and paid the fine and went back home to my wife and two beautiful daughters as quickly as possible. And was happier ever after!!

That statement was really scary.

Nevertheless, I knew that opposing or appealing my case would involve a lot of time and money which I was not willing to part with. So, just paid the fine and got it over with. Not worth it in the cold and snow season.

I was reminded of this story while watching a debate between Drs. Lee Baker and James White.