Bible Characters

Elijah Kings1 17

Chapter 17 of Kings1 shows us

1) what Israel shoud have done but did not do; what a foreigner need not do but did.

2) what Israel should have received but did not, what a foreigner did receive instead.

3) that God provides essential needs for him who trusts in Him even without the natural means.  God does not provide a rich widow to provide for Elijah.  He uses the poor and needy to provide for His servant and for the ‘provider’ miraculously.

4) God uses unnatural means to provide for his prophet, miraculously.  There is another secret in this provision for Elijah:  The ravens brought only two meals a day; morning and evening!  No lunch.  Is that a secret for healthy life, I dont know.

While we can never know more about his ‘two meals a day and water from the brook’; whether it was tasty or well salted or yummy, we know this for sure that Elijah the prophet never complained about it.

It is also clear that Elijah had 2 meals a day while the nation suffered without rain.  God did not provide him more so that would be a mockery of the suffering, nor did He provide too much, so that Elijah would be puffed up.

5) While Israel (the people of Covenant) suffered hunger and thirst, the widow and Elijah had their basic necessities, food and water, provided for them by God directly.  This was a clear judgement on Baal worshippers (in this case, sadly, the Israelites who had gone after the Baals by forsaking the LORD.) to prove that those who believe will be provided for and that the Baals have no such powers.  Also, it proves that man shall not live by bread alone and by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

6) It is all for the obedient and people of simple trust in the LORD.

7) There was no pomp or publicity whatsoever at all when Elijah raised the widow’s son from dead to life.  It was all done in secret in his room.  Compare this to today’s so called evangelists/preachers who claim to raise the dead “on the camera.”

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