amaziah was not strong

Amaziah king of Judah

Amaziah means Jehovah is strong.  He did not live up to his name.  Chronicles2 25.  He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart, v 2

He was 22nd king under God’s rule and 9th king of Judah.  He was 25 when he became king and ruled for 29 (796-767 BC) years in Jerusalem.  His mother’s name was Jehoaddin from Jerusalem.

Amaziah was amazingly obedient at one time but badly contradicted himself later.  He obeyed the prophet who told him to send back all Ephraimites whom he had hired to go to war with him for quite a big price – 100 shekels of silver.

Again, as with many kings of Israel/Judah, Amaziah lapses back into idol worship and earns God’s disciplinary anger.  I really do not understand what was so attractive in the ‘gods/idols’ for him; nevertheless, he did fall into the idol worship for which the Lord sent numerous prophets to warn Israel/Judah against throughout the royal history.

Though he did not kill the prophet (as his predecessor, [Joash killed priest Jehoida’s son, prophet Zechariah without mercy] and as many other rulers did in the past), he nevertheless “silenced” the unknown prophet with death threats which is what the so called ‘peace-loving religious people’ are doing today.  25:16 “Have we appointed you an adviser to the king? Stop! Why be struck down?

His downfall came through his own prideful call for war against Israel’s king, Jehoash (in fact, Jehoash warned him about it, but Amaziah would not listen) who overthrew Amaziah and looted Jerusalem and his palace and took him captive.

But Jehoash did not kill Amaziah which was usually the fate of a defeated king.  I see God’s mercy here for him in that he did have a little place in his heart for the Lord in the past.  How true the saying of our Lord that “even a cup of water given in His name, will have it’s rewards.”

Many a times, we too are guilty of ‘silencing’ the voice of the Lord in our lives regarding our merciless, egoistic and/or prideful behaviors with our fellow believers and/or citizens.