Social media policy

This is in regards to engaging in social media and their policies.

Your/our videos/photos/text are all stored in Facebook servers around the world owned/run by the company; not in your computer at home.  You also agreed to their terms/conditions when you first signed up.

Whoever read all those many tens if not hundreds of pages of terms of agreement before signing up?

You have power/provision/authority now to delete them now unless they have disabled those features for your account.  If so, better delete them right away before you lose that ability.  I do not know what right do you/we have on these things we do not fully own on Facebook website/servers!

Better yet, stop uploading personal things onto Facebook Servers if you want to keep your rights to them.

Many things that people share/do on social media are not required by law of the land in any land.  I would strongly suggest all Netizens to talk in general and share only impersonal information on social media.  Discuss on public topics instead of personal matters.  Share your free thoughts/ideas/advice, not personal belongings in intellectual format.

Now, that is ‘prevention is cure’ or real ‘being safe than sorry’ at least in my opinion.

Remember, you have no full rights on what you do not fully own or have paid for in full.  Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Google/etc are social services provided for you at no cost to you.

By Poli Sci Cul


Dono much about politics but I do have an opinion or two


All religions are not same. Religions are exclusive, not inclusive. Each religion's claims are radically different in some aspects while similar in some other aspects. As far as religions are concerned, all roads do not lead to the same destination. Just like the word 'science' is a general/broader term but each branch of Science is vast, deep, and different; so are the claims/ideologies of each religion. I am a seeker of the truth, willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.


Science is materialistic.


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