money in your wallet multiplies

Money in your wallet! Watch it multiply!

Money in their wallet multiplies as the man of god Charles Ibrahim prays for believers in a church in India.

In this video, money for some multiplies in their wallet. For some, they get an SMS confirmation from their bank of an immediate transfer (balance) even as the man of God prays.

This happenned in Paul Thangaiah’s church in 2018 which is in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India.

I never met him in person. But did hear a lot about him when I was in Bangalore, India.

Who is Charles Ibrahim?

Charles Ibrahim is a Christian Minister heading “Arena of Liberty Internation” ministry based in/from Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

Calls himself a Prophet on his Facebook handle.

Claims in this video

SMS notification of a transfer / balance

In this video, Ibrahim claims to ‘cancel the debt of believers.’ A revival of prayer. He further claims ‘Miracle money is appearing everywhere.’

In a group of 200+, it is highly possible for a few to get SMS from their bank within that hour. That’s not a surprise.

In the testimony of the first person, who claimed he got about 50,000+ India Rupees, it was obvious that it was a notification of balance/transfer.

He claims it was a transfer from another bank (HDFC) account which he had closed about 3 years ago. That’s another possibility. Not a miracle.

No followup investigation whatsoever. This is a problem with almost all claims of miracles. Nobody follows up with their miracle receivers. Nobody verifies the claims. No supporting documents. No disclaimers from parties involved.

No one verified with this person or his bank. None called the bank to verify. Will HDFC accept it? Could that be an error on the part of the bank? Or, was it his own money from another bank to begin with?

No answer.

Money gets added into to this person’s wallet.

Another person (pony tails) claims to have received new currency notes in his wallet.

Yet again, there is no followup investigation. No body asked him if his parents, friends, or family placed that money in his wallet?

No answer.

YouTube video comments turned off

Oh, by the way, the comments for the following video is closed or disabled.

Why is that? Why won’t he allow people to add their ‘praise the Lord’ in the comments? That is what most believers do at the sight/smell of a miracle.

Oh, I get it. It is because he doesn’t want to see any critical / negative comments or an expose of a magic that this is.

By the way, in all the articles/videos I made/posted on YouTube or my blogs, I never disable(d) commenting by others. I have nothing to hide and am open to criticism or correction.

Ok, enough talking, watch it for yourself. Here is the video.

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