Japanese government bans all microwave ovens – fact check

Japanese government has banned all microwave ovens by the end of 2019 – a fact check

A post on Whats App, a social media app for mobile devices has gone viral.

The post is regarding the Japanese government announcing ban on all microwave ovens by the end of 2019.

I received it today in my Whats App android app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 through a relative who lives in India who uses ‘internet for Whats App.’

This is a limited connection/bandwidth to internet over the air exclusively for Whats App users. Costs about $4 a month.

Immediately I said to myself: This sounds suspicious. I need to do a research on it instantly.

So, this post is a research or fact check of a viral post on a social media app.

My very first page of results for “Japan Microwave” on Google answered the question with a big ‘NO’ or ‘FALSE’ from multiple fact check organizations or websites.

They are Snopes (May 3, 2019), India Times, AFP( May 13, 2019), Rappler (Oct 22, 2019), Research Gate, Who, You Tube (Jan 22, 2020), Alt News, Quora, Medium (May 17, 2019).

In that order. This is just the first page of results on Google!

I said, okay, that’s enough. This is fake.

Just looking at the date of publication of this fact check on some of the above listed website, it is obvious that it has been viral from over 7 months.

None of the Whats App users ever bothered to check the facts before sharing. Ridiculous.

The original post was published by a Russian Satirical website.

This is an instance where a satirical (joke) post was taken for real.

Let me close with a rhetorical question.

People, when will you stop being Sheeple?

By Poli Sci Cul


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