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heaven is for real book review

I did a little research on the book “heaven is for real” and found this review of the book.

Here is an excerpt from the review on Reclaiming the mind.

Main Events

Let me give you a quick low-down on the parts of the story about heaven that stood out to me most.

  • He sat in Jesus’ lap
  • He met his sister who died in his mother’s womb (whom his parents had never told him about)
  • He saw John the Baptist
  • There is a coming battle with Satan (he is a futurist!)
  • There are thousands of colors we have never seen
  • He met his great granddad (who told him things about his father that his father had never told him)
  • He saw Jesus’ “marks” on his hands and feet
  • All the people had wings of various sizes (including Colton) and flew around (except Jesus who moved up and down as if on an escalator)
  • Jesus had the most beautiful eyes, a beard, a white gown, a purple sash, and a crown
  • All the people had a light above their head (halo?)
  • Jesus sits on a throne at the right hand of God and Gabriel is on the left
  • He sat by God the Holy Spirit (who he could not describe) and explained to his dad that God is a Trinity
  • It never gets dark in heaven because God the Father and God the Son are the lights
  • There were all kinds of animals everywhere
  • Nobody is old in heaven and no one wears glasses
  • Jesus “shoots” power down from heaven to his father while he is preaching (like I hope he is doing for me while I am blogging!)
  • The gates to heaven were made of gold and pearls
  • He was actually only there for three minutes (timelessness in heaven?)

Thought I would post a link to it here.

Heaven is for real book review by C Michael Patton.  You can see his full review and comments by clicking on the link:

Personally, I haven’t read this book.

Will post my review if I read it.


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