Corona Virus from Wuhan, China

The Corona Virus from Wuhan, China is rapidly spreading like a plague!

The Chinese government lied about its seriousness and tweaked statistics in their reports to the world outside. This is a communist regime. Can you expect any better?

A nurse from China tweeted “the actual impact could 30 times higher, than what the Chinese government has revealed” (paraphrasing).

The Israeli government says the virus probably spread from the bio lab in Wuhan, China.

As of today, there have been more than 60 deaths from the virus.

Two cases have been identified in Texas. One of them was found negative later.

Sources: WBAP, a news/talk radio station in Fort Worth, Texas.

More about the virus:

According to a Situation Report from the WHO, there have been 282 confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV across four countries (China, Thailand, Japan, Korea) with 51 cases of severely ill people who are presenting with at least one of the following: dyspnea, a respiratory rate of 30+ bpm, hypoxemia, or chest x-rays showing multi-lobar or pulmonary infiltrates that are progressing rapidly (“more than 50 percent within 24-48 hours”).

See link above

It spreads without symptoms. That makes it even more dangerous.

US has not issued a panic alert yet.

According to Tucker Carlson (last Friday), it spread through raw flesh consumption of snakes and bats in/from Wuhan Wet Market.

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