the leper’s zeal

Watch the video on Face Book.

Someone who knows Telugu better than me, please provide a better translation than mine. Google’s translation is the worst!

Here is my take on it.

A 60-plus-year-old woman, a beggar stricken with leprosy, impressed a Hindu priest by her Christian prayers after he gave her some money.

When asked, she refused to take names of Hindu gods/goddesses.

The Hindu priest then challenges all Hindus to be zealous for their religion like this Christian is zealous for hers.

He was not disrespectful but appreciated her zeal for her religion.

His complaints:
1) the church she went/belonged to took money from her. They are doing their business very well. The religion lives on the money funded by beggars and lepers.

Well, we do not know the full story.
Did the church demand tithes even from this old lady? We don’t know. But she seemed all the more willing to give/pay tithes/offerings from what she had/earned as a beggar to the church.

2) Christianity is a copy/paste religion.

3) Christians and Muslims build their places of worship on Hindu places of worship

4) Why did Jesus not heal you of your leprosy?

5) India is the land of rivers: Godhavari, Ganga, Jamuna, Krishna.

But wherever Christianity and Islam is, there is no water

6) Hindus pray to any god. We are all inclusive. But this woman is not.

This (her zeal (and her religion) ), according to the priest, is poisonous.

7) Hindus do not even know how many chapters are in Bhagavad Gita.

8) In our temples, giving money is voluntary. But in Christianity, they dont even spare an old woman, a beggar.

He is a good man. He did not hurt anybody.


socialism vs capitalism – Prager U

Socialism vs capitalism.

This post is solely based on a video by Prager U.

The subtitle on this video by Prager University is quite catchy:

The Market Will Set You Free

Here is the video or the link thereto.

Graph: GDP per capita – From the book “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith, A Scottish Economist and Philosopher ( June 1723 – July 1790). First published in 1776.

A sketch of Adam Smith facing to the right
By Unknown 1472, Public Domain, Link

The most important graph in the world.

Jonathan David Haidt (/haɪt/; born October 19, 1963) is an American social psychologist, Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University‘s Stern School of Business,[1] and author. His main areas of study are the psychology of morality and the moral emotions.

Why does he say that?

Because he knows that there is no substitute for free-market capitalism as a promoter of human prosperity.


Chart: Poverty decline

Source: Prager University.


Trump Acquitted forever

Trump Acquitted is the article on the first page of many newspapers today.

Trump holds a thank you conference for all those who worked for or stood with the President through the ordeal.

Here is the video.

Trump calls it ‘total acquittal.’

Some people told (even prophesied) that Trump is a man of few words.

After watching this speech and many others like it, it makes it very clear he is not a man of few words.

His son, Trump Jr., calls himself long-winded. Wonder where he got it from…..

He talks a lot.


Japanese government bans all microwave ovens – fact check

Japanese government has banned all microwave ovens by the end of 2019 – a fact check

A post on Whats App, a social media app for mobile devices has gone viral.

The post is regarding the Japanese government announcing ban on all microwave ovens by the end of 2019.

I received it today in my Whats App android app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 through a relative who lives in India who uses ‘internet for Whats App.’

This is a limited connection/bandwidth to internet over the air exclusively for Whats App users. Costs about $4 a month.

Immediately I said to myself: This sounds suspicious. I need to do a research on it instantly.

So, this post is a research or fact check of a viral post on a social media app.

My very first page of results for “Japan Microwave” on Google answered the question with a big ‘NO’ or ‘FALSE’ from multiple fact check organizations or websites.

They are Snopes (May 3, 2019), India Times, AFP( May 13, 2019), Rappler (Oct 22, 2019), Research Gate, Who, You Tube (Jan 22, 2020), Alt News, Quora, Medium (May 17, 2019).

In that order. This is just the first page of results on Google!

I said, okay, that’s enough. This is fake.

Just looking at the date of publication of this fact check on some of the above listed website, it is obvious that it has been viral from over 7 months.

None of the Whats App users ever bothered to check the facts before sharing. Ridiculous.

The original post was published by a Russian Satirical website.

This is an instance where a satirical (joke) post was taken for real.

Let me close with a rhetorical question.

People, when will you stop being Sheeple?


White privilege and successful blacks

David Webb and Dave Rubin discuss white privilege among other topics.

At around 30 minute mark, Webb talks about Dinosaurs to illustrate a point.

Accidentally, he explains how they might have gotten destroyed, gone extinct. Small brain, big body.


Own mother forsakes. An angel dog comes to his side!

His Own mother forsakes him after hearing his diagnosis of HIV.

Eventually he ends up homeless after being fired from his job and home/wife!

After a little while, an angel dog comes to his apartment and stays on his side!

After he was diagnosed with HIV positive, he calls his mother.

His mother never calls him back after hearing his fate.

Enter: An angel Dog!

Listen to him directly for the rest of the story.


Deceptively pushed into getting diagnosed HIV positive

This is the story of a young lady who was deceptively pushed into getting diagnosed HIV positive by her then boyfriend who was born HIV positive but did not disclose to her.

She moves from Chicago to Georgia and back to Chicago in this tragic journey of her life.

She describes how she was pushed into it deceptively by her then boyfriend.

She explains how she is coping with it since being diagnosed HIV positive at the age of 22!

Currently, she lives with her new husband who is not HIV positive!

They have three kids who are not HIV positive.

Her warning to all young people is “BE CAREFUL.”


Trinity debate

This debate was quite a dramatic one, especially by Dr. Clark.

The following is what I wrote in a comment on this video.

Sure, agree Dr. Clark behaved as if something gotten into him, like a drunk. He was angry against ( the God of the Bible that according to him ‘does not exist’ and ) the preachers who made money talking about that God of the Bible. He was disrespectful of both the audience and time. Bad day for him. But he kept asking “Show Me,” “Show Me.” He sure wanted to see a miracle. But, his question is genuine. The way he asked it was a bit weird. Well, I have asked that same question and gotten no answer. I haven’t seen a single miracle despite the millions claimed on social media. I haven’t seen one genuine miracle. I want to see. All the miracles recorded in the Bible are in the past. – – – – – – – – – – My real question today and has been for a number of years is “when was the last time the God of the Bible spoke to you, if he ever did?” The last time God spoke to me was ‘never.’ Sure, I have read the Bible cover to cover at least once. I served in a Christian organization for more than 9 years. Was a Christian for more than 20 years. Even served as a Missionary to another city in India and preached the gospel in un-trodden villages. My turning point was when God of the Bible did not speak to my Dad who was in sick bed for number of days due to an untimely accident. He was Hindu. If the God of the Bible was live and spoke to people, it was my father that genuinely needed to hear Him. Not for a miracle but just to confirm that He was the savior of the world. I was a Christian and sure God wanted my father to be saved! But, God did not speak to my Dad. My Dad passed away. The last time I saw him was in a black plastic bag. So, Does the God of the Bible really speak, at all???? I am still waiting. ……….


Lee Baker and James White

I watched the debate today up until 01:43:02

Does the OT talk about the coming/suffering Messiah?


Some of you will leave but some of you will stay back

Some of you will leave but some of you will stay back is the very first statement the judge made in a court hearing session i was part of years ago!

Many years ago, while we were living in Missouri, I got a traffic ticket one cold day. It was for not slowing down ‘enough’ at a four way traffic stop signal.

The officer i had two options. One, to pay off immediately. Two, to appear/appeal in a court. I chose the second one. Mainly because I wanted to see court in session. The ticket was for $55.

After a few days I arrive in the local court house. Waiting for the judge. Judge arrives. we all stand up.

The very first the the Judge says is this: ‘most of you will go back, some will stay.’ May not be the exact words he used but it is exactly what he meant.

I got a little shock through my spine when I heard that statement for the first time.

My turn came sooner because they did the traffic offenses first. Judge had difficulty pronouncing my name. So I helped me a little bit with that.

It was my chance to appeal or accept charges as levied by the officer.

Remember the first statement by the Judge. I got scared and said “i accept’ and paid the fine and went back home to my wife and two beautiful daughters as quickly as possible. And was happier ever after!!

That statement was really scary.

Nevertheless, I knew that opposing or appealing my case would involve a lot of time and money which I was not willing to part with. So, just paid the fine and got it over with. Not worth it in the cold and snow season.

I was reminded of this story while watching a debate between Drs. Lee Baker and James White.