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Paula White

Paula White, is the spiritual adviser to the president, Donald J Trump.

There is a post circulating on Facebook in which Paul White is quoted as saying something weird.

we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now

Quote of Paula White circulating on the internet.

Here is the full quote based on the video on youtube.

Let pride fall. Let pride fall. In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now. We declare that anything that is conceived in satanic womb, that it will miscarry. He will not be able to carry forth any form of destruction, any plan of harm

Paula White in a meeting

When I first saw this on Facebook, I thought somebody just made it all up.

But, I was wrong. I found the video in which she says the exact thing word for word.

Here is the video from Youtube.

I do not know when or where she said this.

Some one in the comment section on that YouTube video, tried to explain this way ….

Carnal will never understand spiritual ! She is not talking about babies she is talking about the plans and agendas of Satan and his kingdom to be miscarried. Satanic wombs are the people Satan uses to carry out his agenda.

Yolanda Galloway

Is Yolanda Galloway right? May be. Cannot confirm until I find the full video this excerpt (just 19 seconds) is taken from and circulated all over the internet.

Here is a video (not 100 percent similar to that of White) of another pastor ‘casting out’ a false pregnancy! Dono what to make of it. Very weird.

Here, I found the video of Paula White that show a little more context.

It does sound like she is talking symbolic.

This video by “Christian Preaching” has its comments turned off.

I hate it when people turn off comments on their videos on YouTube. What are they afraid of?

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Billy Graham and islam


Billy Graham and Islam:

“I think Islam is misunderstood too.  Muhammad had a great respect for Jesus and he told
‘Jesus, greatest of the prophets except himself and I think that we are closer to Islam than we really think we are.'”

“… we are closer to Islam than we really think we are”

Really, Dr. Graham?  Have you ever read the Quran/Hadith????????????

Billy Graham and islam

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I hate him because he never prophesies good about me

“….but I (king Ahab of Israel) hate him (prophet Micaiah) because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad.” 2 Chronicles 18.

That is a statement by a king (of Israel) called Ahab.

Let us dig a little more.  First, let us explore the context of 2 Chronicles 18.    Jehoshaphat (king of Judah) had allied himself with Ahab by marriage and at this time, Jehoshaphat is visiting with king Ahab in Samaria.  Here, Ahab sacrifices (not Jehovah God but ) in honor of Jehoshaphat and cunningly tries to convince him to join hands in an attack against Ramoth Gilead.  But Jehoshaphat replies “first, seek the counsel of the LORD” and Ahab agrees (18:3-4).

So, Ahab brings 400 of his prophets who unanimously say “Go, for God will give it into the king’s hand.”  But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there not a prophet of the LORD here whom we can inquire of?” 18:6.

Jehoshaphat’s question makes it clear that the 400 prophets of Ahab were not really of the LORD because Jehoshaphat did not trust them.  Probably, they were prophets of Baal (because Ahab provoked the LORD to anger than all other kings of Israel (1 Kings 16:33) by building a temple for Baal in Samaria).

So, now we understand, in this context Ahab says “i hate him because….”  Though these 400 prophets actually served Baal, they still claimed to be prophets of the Lord.

It is exactly opposite to the popular proverb/notion/belief that “majority always wins.” In Ahab’s case, he did not win but lost his life according to the prophecy of one true prophet of the LORD, Hezekiah (as against 400 of Ahab/Baals temple).

So, does majority always win?  Not so.  May be it is true in politics but not in spirituality and spirituality is not politics and visa versa.  It is true that the majority does persecute/humiliate the minority; in this case, the leader of the false prophets slaps the real prophet in the face.

So it will be with us when we stand for the truth.  we will be humiliated and persecuted when we say that Jesus is the only way/savior that delivers from the holds of sin and death.  We will be called names like bigots when we speak the truth boldly.

But let us be encouraged because the LORD is with us.  One who is with the LORD is a greater majority.

Ahab hated him simply because Micaiah always spoke the truth and did not prophesy on his own but always spoke whatever the Lord told him to which Ahab did not like.  Let us follow in his footsteps. We cannot preach/teach what people like but what the Lord tells us.