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Nehemiah had a burden; he did not bury it or ignore it.

This is a compilation based on the message I gave at my church on 01-03-2013.

Scripture : Nehemiah chapters 1 and 2.

For Nehemiah, it all began with a burden/concern for the people of Israel, his people.  He did not neglect it or bury it.

He had a concern for his people.

– prayed, fasted, and wept before God.

– Go to God first when you have a concern/burden.

He was cup-bearer to the King.

– He carried himself up in his career to where he is now.

– do what you enjoy or enjoy what you do

– look at the hard working man, he will stand before kings.

He carried his burden constantly within his heart.

– a burden is something that kind of haunts you constantly.

– you can work on it or bury it with you.  Give it life by doing something about it immediately or bury it with you in the grave.

His concern/burden of the heart is noticed by the King.

– Hope.  The day will come when your concerns/burdens will be noticed by others or the concerned.

– Keep praying.  Keep planning.  Keep working.

He laid his concern/burden as a plan before the King/Queen.

– He had already planned before talking to the King.  But the King noted it first before he ever opened his mouth.

– BUT Nehemiah was ready with a plan.   He had worked/planned enough that he converted it into a workable plan instantly when King noticed his heart/burden.

– Be prepared.  Get ready for you don’t know when you will have to lay it down before men.  It may come suddenly.

When asked, Nehemiah stated his heart/plan/burden boldly.

– He spoke from his heart.

– He was bold and clear.

– He had a plan.

– He convinced both the King and the Queen at the same time because he was bold and clear.

When asked, he prayed within himself.  He prayed silently.

– Trust in God to give you wisdom when you have to talk/present your plan suddenly.

– Before he laid the plan down before the earthly king, he had already laid it down at the Heavenly King.

He was afraid before the King.

– Because it was not King’s work/concern.

– Yet he spoke boldly and clearly.

2:8 “Because the gracious hand of my God was upon me…”

– He concluded that it was because of his God though that did not exclude him from planning/working/thinking.

He shares the burden to the King and Queen.