city without walls


Your success depends on ruling your spirit. Great men rule their spirits. They resist temptations to react or overreact. They restrain their emotions and manage them for good.

How safe are you from trouble? If you do not rule your spirit, you are vulnerable to say or do things that could cost you dearly. You may already be damaged by such actions.

Your spirit is your inner self, which controls your actions. When you do not rule your spirit, you are exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of folly and trouble. Like a defenseless city without walls in former times of marauding armies, so is the man who does not rule his own spirit and diligently keep it in the way of virtue, truth, and wisdom.

Your spirit includes your affections, appetites, and passions. A wise and noble man rules his spirit by his conscience and mind. He locks it down with chains of self-denial to keep ambition, anger, lust, pride, or revenge from breaking forth. He guides it by a mental commitment to hold fast honor, humility, righteousness, and virtue. He rules his thoughts, his desires, his inclinations, his resentments, and keeps them all in disciplined order.

A fool lets his spirit control his actions. He does not resist impulses from his spirit; he lets his spirit direct him; he forfeits the fight for character and godliness. He cannot do what he should; he cannot stop doing what he should not. Such men are often angry, generally foolish, often depressed, or always procrastinating, among other faults and sins. They never grow up, for they are controlled by childish passions of a depraved heart.

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Leonard Ravenhill – Desperate Prayer

Leonard Ravenhill – Desperate Prayer

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Do You Desire God? – Paul Washer

Do You Desire God? – Paul Washer

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islam and antichrist – John MacArthur

Islam and antichrist – John MacArthur

I thought I was alone in talking about Islam or part of a small group of people who do, but here is John MacArthur relating Islam and Antichrist talking in similar tone as mine and others!

Much of the content look similar to what I have heard from Walid Shoebat.  I do not mean one copied the other but simply similar.

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a gospel marriage – e v hill

A gospel marriage by E V Hill.


Scripture reminds us that marriage is intended to be a display of the gospel message. In contemporary culture marriage is under assault. While it is true that there is a concerted effort to redefine marriage in the larger public, I am more concerned about the assault on marriage happening inside the church than I am what is happening outside. We who call ourselves Christ followers should be foremost in our commitment to marriage and yet divorce, adultery and sexual freedom seems to run rampant in our midst.

It is against this backdrop that a few distinct examples stand out and beckon to us to return to Christ-like fidelity within the marriage relationship. One of the more beautiful examples seen in recent years is the display of love expressed by Dr. EV Hill, in 1987, as he led the funeral service for his first wife of 32 years. If you have not taken the time to listen to this message, I would strongly encourage you to do so. You will begin the message laughing at his wit, spend a bit of time amazed at his composure, but you will almost certainly end the message meditating on the deep love of God displayed through Dr. Hill and his wife towards one another.

Without question, this is among the most moving messages I have ever heard.


a blend of topics relating to end time

a blend of topics relating to future 4:34:13

why suffer

Pastor Zach Poonen, in this message, ultimately encourages believers to walk in His holiness and Word.


This morning, as I was heading up in the rain to pick my wife up from work after a special training class, I heard this message on radio by Dr. Robert Jefres on persistence.

I though it would encourage others too, so i post it here.  This is a must for every human regardless of his background, calling, or business.

we all need encouragement, time and again, and this message is one of the ways to be.

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majority is not right all the time

Does majority always win?

Is majority right all the time?

2 Chronicles 25

Amaziah wanted to partner with the king of Israel by paying money 100 shekels of silver to help him with wars.  He thought he would win the war with more people in his army.  But he had forgotten the Lord, the fountain of life as told by Jeremiah in 2:13 to a future generation,  “..for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.”

But Israel’s king had already rejected the Lord.  So the Lord sent a prophet to warn him not to use his army in the war against the enemies.

Indeed, he listened to the prophet and the Lord give him victory.

So, we prove again that the Lord desired His king to have no partnership with anyone that would not obey Him, making ‘his obedient king’ a minority again.  But the Lord gave him victory in the war without the help from Israel’s hired men.


So, for a believer (a citizen of God’s invisible kingdom by faith in Christ Jesus who is here on this earth ‘temporarily’ for His purpose and mission), it is certainly not true.  Apostle Paul knew this fact very well and therefore he was not ashamed to say, “not from men nor through man” in Galatians 1:1.

In the history of the nation Israel, after Saul and Samuel, the majority of the people went after idols and gods of other or neighboring nations in following their kings, even though the Lord warned them against it through his prophets.  Surely, the prophets of old were a big minority preaching purity, yet the Lord was with them.

For the God of the Bible is neither elected by a majority vote, nor does he side with majority just for the sake of it all the time (of course, unless they are doing it for a right cause in His time, in His way).  He was, He is, and He will be the uncaused cause, uncreated creator, unappointed Judge, the Great Shepherd of the lost, the only Gate and Shepherd of the innocent sheep, unpaid provider for the needy, all by his own virtue forever.

In their fight against slavery, the freedom fighters were mostly a small number  (for a detailed account of slavery, please refer this article on Wikipedia.  By the way, this is a great article to start with if you are doing a research on the subject.)

)We will be like ‘broken pots that cannot hold water,’ if we are always akin to ‘side with the majority.’  Of what use is a pot if it cannot hold water anymore?

As some man of God said it so clearly, “one man with God is a greater majority.”