premarine does not justify drinking camel’s urine

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Just because PreMarIne is made from pregnant horse’s urine, drinking Camel’s urine is not scientifically justified!

Here are details on how Premarine is made and it’s pros and cons…

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Premarin is a patented drug made up of conjugated estrogens obtained from the urine of pregnant mares (PREgnant MARes’ urINE, or PMU)

Manufactured exclusively by Wyeth-Ayerst at Ayerst Organics Ltd. In Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Premarin is Canada’s most lucrative pharmaceutical export to date. It is the most widely prescribed drug in the United States and holds 80% of the estrogen supplement market worldwide.

Premarin was first marketed for menopause in 1942. By 1972, Premarin tablets were certified by the FDA as effective for treating menopause, and in 1986, based on studies conducted by Wyeth, the FDA approved Premarin for treatment of osteoporosis.

Premarin has become the drug of choice for hormone replacement therapy in the ’90s. Some estimates claim that close to nine million women are currently taking Premarin (about a third of the thirty million plus post menopausal women in the United States are on estrogen replacement therapy, and of them, about 80% use Premarin). Wyeth’s revenues from Premarin are currently $1billion a year and rising.

Please note Premarin is the end product.
Urine is taken at a particular stage in a mare’s life.
Estrogen is extracted from that urine.
They are bred for the purpose, not wild/free.
It is not taken direct by mouth.
Involves a scientific process.
The synthetic form does not use urine of pregnant mares at all.
quote There are many natural and synthetic estrogen supplements available as alternatives to Premarin. A generic version of Premarin would save female consumers approximately $300 million a year, not to mention a generic version would not involve horses or harvesting the horse’s urine. unquote