Language Skills

improving your english language skills

Improving your English language skills

Many years ago, someone told me “Mr., just because you know how to say yes/no, don’t think you know English.”

That was true, I knew only ‘yes’ and ‘no.’  Was that humiliating?  Yes, it was.  Did I cry?  Yes.  Was I upset?  Yes, for quite some time.

But I did not stop there.  It was a blessing in disguise.  I made it a ‘stepping stone’ for success.

I took it as a challenge.  I started reading dictionaries!  Yes, I followed the trail of words and their meanings through the pages of books and dictionaries.  Started catching phrases here and there.  I also used to repeat an audio sermon phrase by phrase.  I worked hard on improving my English.  You can do that too.   Take it as a challenge.  Read more, listen more, write more.  Practice makes you perfect.

Remember, the tallest towers are built ONE BRICK AT A TIME!  Start small, finish well.  Do not despise the day of small beginnings, Zechariah 4.

ABCDE: Always Be a Committed and Disciplined English-man.