Iron Fist

Israel’ invention: The Iron Fist.

The Iron Fist is a pure invention of the Israeli intelligence to destroy oncoming weapon/missile in the air.

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Sukkah in israel

Sukkah in Israel

I do not agree with all that the Rabbi’s said, but it is a good watch.

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israel nuclear

Lilley and Robson: Evil always accompanies anti-Semitism

Lilley and Robson: Evil always accompanies anti-Semitism.

Not reading/heeding the signs and warnings.


Islam israel

hatred knows no bounds

Tamar Yonah of Israel National News notes that the Peace Proclaimers/Proposers did not even spare the graveyard!.

 We saw the Nazis do this to Jewish cemeteries in Europe. In Jerusalem, we have the Mount of Olives cemetery that is also often destroyed and vandalized by Arabs.  Islamic arrogance knows  no bounds, especially when their arrogance and demands are appeased and protected by ‘political correctness’ and western good manners.  Islamic crimes, terrorism and its accompanying Jihad, must not be tolerated by the West, especially in their own countries.  This particular crime you will see in the video against the dead is intolerable.  The culprits are not wearing masks, and should be easily identified.   I wonder what the government of this country will do/has done?  How long will we tolerate the intolerable?


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how israel helped lebanon

A living testimony of Ms. Briggitte Gabriel as to how she survived persecution in Lebanon.