Karl Andree faces 350 lashes over alcohol in Saudi

Karl Andree, aged 74, a British and a cancer patient, faces 350 lashes over homemade alcohol in Saudi Arabia, an Islamic Country!

Why the cruel punishment of lashes for a man who is so well advanced in age?  Why not just deport him as a punishment so that his son/family would take care of him?  Thereby the Islamic Country, the home of Islamic holy places,  would emerge as a merciful State! 
Why insist on three hundred and fifty lashes?   Their insistence on punishment is so insane!
Do only foreigners make/drink alcohol in the Country?  Who were his accomplices in making the liquor at home? 

If the Islamic Country was so sober without alcohol for centuries, why no new/great inventions/scientists emerged out of this so sober Country?  We should be having millions of them by now all over the world over time!!!

The children of a British man have called on David Cameron to intervene to save their father from being subjected to 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia. Karl Andree, 74, faces being publicly flogged as part of a punishment imposed after bottles of homemade wine were reportedly found last year in his car by Saudi police enforcing strict laws prohibiting alcohol.

The family of the oil executive, who is being held at Jeddah’s Briman prison, say he is already weak as a result of cancer and fear that the flogging will kill him. They said in a statement reported by the Sun: “Our father has given 25 years of his working life to Saudi Arabia, and this is how he is treated. Until his arrest, he has always been happy working there and felt safe.

“He is 74 years of age, has had cancer three times and his wife is dying in a home in the UK. He now needs medical care for his cancer and asthma, and there is no doubt in our mind that 350 lashes will kill him. We implore David Cameron to personally intervene and help get our father home. The Saudi government will only listen to him.”

The Foreign Office said: “Our embassy staff are continuing to assist Mr Andree, including regular visits to check on his welfare, and frequent contact with his lawyer and family. Ministers and senior officials have raised Mr Andree’s case with the Saudi government and we are actively seeking his release as soon as possible.”

Andree’s three children, Hugh, 46, Kirsten, 45, and Simon, 33, are reported to have been lobbying discreetly for their father for more than a month but have now decided to go public.

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ISIS Toyota trucks – Mystery solved

Mystery Solved: Where did ISIS get brand new Toyota trucks from?


The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks. The issue has arisen in the wake of Russia’s air operations over Syria and growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq. 

ABC News in their article, “US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks,” reports:

U.S. counter-terror officials have asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker, to help them determine how ISIS has managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ABC News has learned.

Toyota says it does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and is “supporting” the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department — part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group.

The report went on to cite Iraqi Ambassador to the US, Lukman Faily:

“This is a question we’ve been asking our neighbors,” Faily said. “How could these brand new trucks… these four wheel drives, hundreds of them — where are they coming from?”

Not surprisingly, it appears the US Treasury is asking the wrong party. Instead of Toyota, the US Treasury’s inquiry should have started next door at the US State Department.

Mystery Solved 

Just last year it was reported that the US State Department had been sending in fleets of specifically Toyota-brand trucks into Syria to whom they claimed was the “Free Syrian Army.”

US foundation-funded Public Radio International (PRI) reported in a 2014 article titled, “This one Toyota pickup truck is at the top of the shopping list for the Free Syrian Army — and the Taliban,” that:

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Justice served in case of Asia Bibi

Justice served in case of Asia Bibi who was accused of blasphemy against Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has recently upheld a conviction for murder and terrorism against Mumtaz Qadri, the security guard who assassinated Salman Taseer, former Governor of the Punjab province, because of his strong stance against Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws and his unwavering support for Christian mom Asia Bibi

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Why do muslims believe the text of the Bible is corrupted?

Why do Muslims believe the text of the Bible has been corrupted?

An excerpt from

WHY do Muslims believe the text of the Bible has been corrupted?

1.   The Quran declares the Bible to be a true revelation of
     God and demands faith in the Bible.

     Sura 2:40-42,126,136,285; 3:3,71,93; 4:47,136; 5:47-51,
          69,71-72; 6:91; 10:37,94; 21:7; 29:45,46; 35:31; 46:11

     a.   All these above texts presuppose the availability of the
          true revelation of God to the people of Muhammad's day.
          Sura 3:71,93; 10:94; 21:71
     b.   A true Muslim is obliged to believe in all the
          revelations of God. Sura 2:136; 4:136; 29:46
     c.   The Quran makes no distinction between God's revelations
          Sura 2:136

2.   The Quran claims that NO ONE can change the Word of God. 
     Sura 6:34; 10:34


3.   The Bible and the Quran do not agree.

     The Bible and the Quran differ widely on fundamental concepts
     of faith and practice.


4.   Since the Bible existed before the Quran the burden of proof
     is upon the Muslim to prove that the Bible is incorrect AND
     that the Quran is correct.

     a.   The Bible was completed 500 years before the Quran was
          revealed to Muhammad.  If someone today wrote a book that
          contradicts a historical document written at the time of
          an event that took place in 1497 the person who wrote the
          second book would have to be able to prove the older
          document was false AND also prove its facts were true.
     b.   The document written at the time of the event would not
          have to prove itself against a latter document. This is
          neither logical, rational or true to the principles of
          the science of history.
     c.   Merely proving that the older document was not accurate
          also does not by default mean the newer document is true.
          It must stand on its own and prove itself.



5.   In 1064, Ibn-Khazem, FIRST charged that the Bible had been
     corrupted and the Bible falsified. This charge was to defend
     Islam against Christianity because Ibn-Khazem come upon
     differences and contradiction between the Bible and the
     Quran. Believing, by faith that the Quran was true, the Bible
     must then be false. He said, "Since the Quran must be true it
     must be the conflicting Gospel texts that are false. But
     Muhammad tells us to respect the Gospel. Therefore, the
     present text must have been falsified by the Christians after
     the time of Muhammad."
     His argument was not based on any evidence or historical facts
     but only on his personal faith, reasoning and desire to
     safeguard the Quran.
     This led him to teach that, "The Christians lost the revealed
     Gospel except for a few traces which God has left intact as
     argument against them."


6.   Many great MUSLIM teachers DO NOT believe the Bible has been
     corrupted and ACCEPT the authenticity of our PRESENT New
     Testament texts.

     a.   Ali al-Tabari (died 855) accepted the Gospel texts
     b.   Amr al-Ghakhiz (869)     "    "    "    "
     c.   BUKHARI (810-870)            "    "    "    "
          (he gathered some of the earliest tradition of Islam
          quoted the Quran itself to support his belief in the text
          of the Bible Sura 3:72,78)
     d.   Al-Mas'udi (956)         "    "    "    "
     e.   Abu Ali Husain Bin Sina  (1037)"   "    "
     f.   AL-GHAZZALI (1111)        "    "    "    "
          (probably the greatest Muslim scholar he lived after Ibn-
          Khazem but did not accept his teachings)
     g.   Ibn-Khaldun (1406)       "    "    "    "    "    " 
          (he lived after Ibn-Khazem but did not accept his
          teachings but rather believed the earlier Islamic
     h.   Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, founder of the Aligarh College
          "In the opinion of us Mohammedans it is not proved that
          corruption (tahrif-i-lafzi)...was practiced."
     i.   Fakhruddin Razi, on the authority of Ibn Abbas, a nephew
          of Muhammed, "The Jews and early Christians were
          suspected of altering the text of the Taurat and Injil;
          but in the opinion of eminent doctors and theologians it
          was not practicable thus to corrupt the text, because
          those Scriptures were generally known and widely
          circulated, having been handed down from generation to


WHY do YOU believe the Bible text has been corrupted?  
WHY do you believe Ibn-Khazem rather then the witness of the Quran,
the word of Muhammad, and these 10 great Muslim scholars who
all believed the Bible texts to be truthful?

Christians Answer Muslims, Gerhard Nehls, 1992
Can We Trust the Bible?, J Wijngaard
Quran, A. Yusuf Ali
Kitab al-Asnam, Ibn al-Kalbi, 1952
Sahih al Bukhari, 6th ed. 1986
The Islamic Christian Controversy, LCA 1996

Authenticity of the Bible 
Answering Islam Home Page



Concept of redemption in islam

Source :

Muslims often object to the Christian doctrine of atonement (specifically, the doctrine that Jesus willingly died on the cross for the sins of others). But Muhammad taught his followers that Allah will punish Jews and Christians for the sins of Muslims. Is the Islamic doctrine of atonement (i.e., that Christians and Jews will unwillingly be saddled with the sins of Muslims) somehow better than the Christian doctrine (according to which God’s perfect justice is matched only by his perfect love)?

For those who want to take a closer look at the ahadith I quoted in the video, here they are:

Sahih Muslim 6665—Abu Musa reported that Allah’s Messenger said: When it will be the Day of Resurrection Allah would deliver to every Muslim a Jew or a Christian and say: That is your rescue from Hell-Fire.
Sahih Muslim 6666—Allah’s Apostle said: No Muslim would die but Allah would admit in his stead a Jew or a Christian in Hell-Fire.
Sahih Muslim 6668—Allah’s Messenger [said]: There would come people amongst the Muslims on the Day of Resurrection with as heavy sins as a mountain, and Allah would forgive them and He would place in their stead the Jews and the Christians.
110 Hadith Qudsi—Allah’s Messenger said: On the Day of Resurrection, my Ummah (nation) will be gathered into three groups. One sort will enter Paradise without rendering an account (of their deeds). Another sort will be reckoned an easy account and admitted into Paradise. Yet another sort will come bearing on their backs heaps of sins like great mountains. Allah will ask the angels though He knows best about them: Who are these people? They will reply: They are humble slaves of yours. He will say: Unload the sins from them and put the same over the Jews and Christians: then let the humble slaves get into Paradise by virtue of My Mercy.

Islam prophecy

Walid Shoebat on prophecy in Bible and Islam

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Walid Shoebat – live debate on bbc

A very interesting live question and answer session with Walid Shoebat.

Many of our readers have become familiar with us in last couple of years so we’d like to post this interview from 2009. Walid interviewed for one full hour on the BBC World service program “World Have your say”, hosted by Rebecca Kesby. There were multiple Muslim callers who tried to rebut Walid.

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Pakistani text books

Pakistani text books teach ‘killing Christians necessary’

Some school textbooks in Pakistan include lessons teaching students that killing Christians is a goal that must be achieved for them to obtain martyrdom, according to a report prepared by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Read more here on Walid Shoebat.


Islam: Threat or Not – A debate between Peterson and Spencer

Debaters: Dr. Daniel Peterson and Robert Spencer


Peterson and Spencer:

Spencer :

Questions by Dr. Peterson and answers by Spencer

Answers by Spencer and answers by Peterson

My Conclusion: In order for Islam to be reformed, Islamists must acknowledge there is/was violence in Islam’s history and in the traditional teachings of Islam; only then a reformation is a possibility.  The denial of the sword verses is just deception on the part of those who are arguing that Islam is peaceful.


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Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was a church from 365 AD to 1453, when it was converted to a mosque by an Ottomen Sultan.

Hagia Sophia (/ˈhɑːɪə sˈfə/; from the Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία [aˈʝia soˈfia], “Holy Wisdom“; Latin: Sancta Sophia or Sancta Sapientia; Turkish: Ayasofya) is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. From the date of its dedication in 360 until 1453, it served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople,[1] except between 1204 and 1261, when it was converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Latin Empire. The building was a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1931, when it was secularized. It was opened as a museum on 1 February 1935.[2]

The Church was dedicated to the Logos, the second person of the Holy Trinity,[3] its dedication feast taking place on 25 December, the anniversary of the Birth of the incarnation of the Logos in Christ.[3] Although it is sometimes referred to as Sancta Sophia (as though it were named after Saint Sophia), sophia is the phonetic spelling in Latin of the Greek word for wisdom – the full name in Greek being Ναός τῆς Ἁγίας τοῦ Θεοῦ Σοφίας, “Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God”.[4][5]

Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture[6] and is said to have “changed the history of architecture.”[7] It remained the world’s largest cathedral for nearly a thousand years thereafter, until Seville Cathedral was completed in 1520. The current building was originally constructed as a church between 532 and 537 on the orders of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and was the third Church of the Holy Wisdom to occupy the site, the previous two having both been destroyed by rioters. It was designed by the Greek scientists Isidore of Miletus, a physicist, and Anthemius of Tralles, a mathematician.[8]

The church contained a large collection of holy relics and featured, among other things, a 15-metre (49 ft) silver iconostasis. The focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly one thousand years, the building witnessed the excommunication of Patriarch Michael I Cerularius on the part of Pope Leo IX in 1054, an act which is commonly considered the start of the Great Schism.

In 1453, Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mehmed II, who subsequently ordered the building converted into a mosque.[9] The bells, altar, iconostasis, and sacrificial vessels were removed and many of the mosaics were plastered over. Islamic features – such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets – were added while in the possession of the Ottomans. It remained a mosque until 1931 when it was closed to the public for four years. It was re-opened in 1935 as a museum by the Republic of Turkey.

For almost 500 years the principal mosque of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia served as a model for many other Ottoman mosques, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque of Istanbul), the Şehzade Mosque, the Süleymaniye Mosque, the Rüstem Pasha Mosque and the Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque.

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