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the father is the son and the son is the holy spirit… is that true?

That is a belief, also called modalism in theology.

This simply states that the trinity in the Bible is not Three Persons co-eternal, co-existing, co-equal One Living God but each person of the Trinity becoming the other; i.e., the Father became the Son and the Son became the Holy Spirit.

Some of the people or the groups of people adhering to this fallacious belief are T.D.Jakes, Watchman Nee, (Witness Lee, Local Church).

I found this article on The Bereans about Watchman Nee’s view of trinity.  Here is an excerpt :

1. The Recovery Version of the Bible -– this was spearheaded by Witness Lee along with a number of Local Church members. Only The Recovery New Testament has extensive footnotes written by Witness Lee.

The Recovery New Testament — Originally labeled ‘The Gold Bar,’ this is the name given to the first edition of the Local Church’s New Testament, The Recovery New Testament. Individual New Testament books were bound together in this single volume in 1985 and was published by the Living Stream Ministry. The overall size, shape, and distinctive gold edging coined this name. The second edition of The Recovery New Testament, published 1991, was printed in England by University Press, Cambridge. The binding and print quality of this second edition rivals that of many recognized study Bibles, such as the Ryrie Study Bible. The Recovery New Testament contains a number of extensive footnotes, all of which are written by Witness Lee, which are supportive of his particular theological slant.”[4]

Lee and the Local Churches believe that there is only one proper version for it’s members and that is the “Recovery Version.”

“First, a Christian needs a proper version of the Bible to progress in his Christian life. Therefore, you need to purchase a Recovery Version. This version is the best translation of the New Testament available today. It is up-to-date and easy to read. It has an outline to help you obtain an overview of what you are reading. It contains footnotes to explain some of the hard-to-understand truths. It also has references to help you locate verses that corresponds to the verses you are reading for your study.”[5]

They have also painstakingly translated Lee’s Recovery Version of the New Testament into Filipino language (1991). This Bible was named, “Ang Bagong Tipan: Salin sa Pagbabawi” which was translated by The Editorial Section of Living Stream Ministry. They have also informed the would-be readers that all notes, charts and references were actually translated from the writings of Witness Lee. It was published in Seoul, Korea and was translated into Filipino in the Philippines. This Study Bible with matching commentary by Lee is very much inclined in his own preconceived and heretical version of the Trinity i.e. modalism in triune form. An example of his commentary on John 14:7 in the Filipino translation reveals,

“Ipinakikita ng kapitulong ito ang Tres-unong Diyos para sa pamamahagi ng Kanyang Sarili tungo sa loob ng mga mananampalataya. Siya ang nag-iisang Diyos, ngunit Siya ay tatlo-ang Ama, ang Anak, at ang Espiritu. Ang Anak ay ang pagsasakatawan at kahayagan ng Ama (bb. 7-11), at ang Espiritu ay ang realidad ng at pagkatanto sa Anak (bb. 17-20). Ang Ama ay naihayag at nakita sa Anak (ang Anak ay tinawag ding Ama – Isa. 9:6) at bilang Espiritu (IICor. 3:17) ang Anak ay nahayag at natanto. Ang Ama sa loob ng Anak ay nakakubli, ang Diyos Anak ay naipakita sa gitna ng mga tao, at ang Diyos Espiritu ay pumapasok tungo sa loob ng tao upang maging kanyang buhay, kanyang panustos ng buhay, at kanyang lahat-lahat. Samakatuwid, ang Ama na nasa loob ng Anak, at ang Anak na naging Espiritu, ay ang Tres-unong Diyos na namamahagi ng Kanyang Sarili tungo sa loob natin at naging ating bahagi upang matamasa natin Siya bilang ang ating lahat-lahat sa loob ng Kanyang maka-Diyos na Trinidad.”[6]

This is what Lee was saying: the Son is the embodiment of the Father and when He resides in the believer He becomes the Holy Spirit so that the Triune God can be experienced. In fact this harmonizes with Lee’s statements in his books, quoted in the book, The New Cults edited by Dr. Walter Martin:

“Thus, the three Persons of the Trinity become the three successive steps in the process of God’s economy.”[7]“In the heavens, where man cannot see Him, God is the Father; when He is expressed among men, He is the Son; and when He comes into men, He is the Spirit. The Father was expressed among men in the Son, and the Son became the Spirit to come into men. The Father is in the Son, and the Son became the Spirit—the three are just one God.”[8]

“Like wise, the Father, the Son, and Spirit are not three Gods, but three stages of one God for us to possess and enjoy.”[9]

These statements by Witness Lee are apparently the beliefs of a modalist whether he along with the Local Church leaders admit it or not.

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false teachers

Harold Camping

This was a post I had posted on 2011-05-21 22:03:00.  I had missed to import from the previous database.

Today is May 21 2011. Time of this post 5:01 PM.

Did it ring any bells? Yes, Harold Camping’s end of the world (

The 89-year-old Harold Camping had predicted that today would be the end of the world on National Public Radio.

Of course, he had done it in the past too, had miserably failed in 1994, for which he allegedly admitted that he had not studied the book of Jeremiah and hence arrived at the wrong date then!

Well, here we are on the dooms day, still very much alive. Let us see what his response would tomorrow (unless he does not die or commit suicide ) to callers and those who believed his prediction and acted upon it by selling all they had and ‘being ready.’

He is a live proof of people who could be “sincerely (or even deceitfully) wrong.”


false teachers Israel North kings prophets

I hate him because he never prophesies good about me

“….but I (king Ahab of Israel) hate him (prophet Micaiah) because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad.” 2 Chronicles 18.

That is a statement by a king (of Israel) called Ahab.

Let us dig a little more.  First, let us explore the context of 2 Chronicles 18.    Jehoshaphat (king of Judah) had allied himself with Ahab by marriage and at this time, Jehoshaphat is visiting with king Ahab in Samaria.  Here, Ahab sacrifices (not Jehovah God but ) in honor of Jehoshaphat and cunningly tries to convince him to join hands in an attack against Ramoth Gilead.  But Jehoshaphat replies “first, seek the counsel of the LORD” and Ahab agrees (18:3-4).

So, Ahab brings 400 of his prophets who unanimously say “Go, for God will give it into the king’s hand.”  But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there not a prophet of the LORD here whom we can inquire of?” 18:6.

Jehoshaphat’s question makes it clear that the 400 prophets of Ahab were not really of the LORD because Jehoshaphat did not trust them.  Probably, they were prophets of Baal (because Ahab provoked the LORD to anger than all other kings of Israel (1 Kings 16:33) by building a temple for Baal in Samaria).

So, now we understand, in this context Ahab says “i hate him because….”  Though these 400 prophets actually served Baal, they still claimed to be prophets of the Lord.

It is exactly opposite to the popular proverb/notion/belief that “majority always wins.” In Ahab’s case, he did not win but lost his life according to the prophecy of one true prophet of the LORD, Hezekiah (as against 400 of Ahab/Baals temple).

So, does majority always win?  Not so.  May be it is true in politics but not in spirituality and spirituality is not politics and visa versa.  It is true that the majority does persecute/humiliate the minority; in this case, the leader of the false prophets slaps the real prophet in the face.

So it will be with us when we stand for the truth.  we will be humiliated and persecuted when we say that Jesus is the only way/savior that delivers from the holds of sin and death.  We will be called names like bigots when we speak the truth boldly.

But let us be encouraged because the LORD is with us.  One who is with the LORD is a greater majority.

Ahab hated him simply because Micaiah always spoke the truth and did not prophesy on his own but always spoke whatever the Lord told him to which Ahab did not like.  Let us follow in his footsteps. We cannot preach/teach what people like but what the Lord tells us.


Bible Characters false teachers

look who slaps whom

I Kings 22.  Micaiah, son of Imlah.

In this passage, we see that the real prophet of the LORD(Micaiah) was slapped by one of the false prophets (Zedekiah).

Micaiah was called a ‘bad prophet’ by king of Israel, Ahab, Verse 8.  He also called Elijah ‘my enemy.’

But, Micaiah actually spoke the truth always, 22:14 and it stood firm.  Consequently, Zedekiah later dies as per Micaiah’s true prophecy.

When I recently warned some believers of their pastor’s ‘false practises, ‘ I was rejected and challenged.  I was questioned ‘can you do what he did?  It is true that that pastor worked hard to establish his church in the beginning of his ministry (when he was true to the word) and the Lord did reward him.  But today, his teaching is so much mixed with ‘wierd ideas.’

Few months later, I heard that same pastor preaching ‘the bread and wine becomes the body and blood’ on local tv on a live broadcast of his worship service one Sunday!!!

This is what happens when we speak the truth.  But, let us be bold as Micaiah and continue to speak the truth of the Gospel in love and boldness.