An accident ends everything, period.

An accident ends everything, period.  But, Evolutionists would rather have us believe that an accident started everything!

Boom! There you go;  Everything, both life and non-life!

In the scientifically observable world (of things, animals, and humans), an accident ends everything, almost immediately.

But, according to Evolutionary theory, everything actually started with an accident, that too, all by itself!  To the contrary, an accident actually begins what we call chaos, not orderliness!

Why is it all kind of reversed in Evolution?

Creation / Evolution Debate 12

Creation / Evolution Debate 12 – Does Botany Support Creation or Evolution? Pigliucci vs Hovind

dr kent hovind at berkley university

Dr. Kent Hovind at Berkeley University



creation seminar 1


Creation / Evolution Debate 08

Creation / Evolution Debate 08

– Dr. Hovind vs Dr. William Moore of Wayne State University


Creation Evolution Debate 07

Creation / Evolution Debate 07 – The Genesis Flood – Dr. Kent Hovind vs Dr. Farrell Till


evolution creation debate 06

Creation / Evolution Debate 06 – Dr. Hovind vs Dr. Richardson, Biology Professor, Winona St.



Evolution is history’s greatest hoax / the lie of Darwin’s theory


creation evolution debate 05

A very truthful exchange!

evolution creation debate 04

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