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Paula White

Paula White, is the spiritual adviser to the president, Donald J Trump.

There is a post circulating on Facebook in which Paul White is quoted as saying something weird.

we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now

Quote of Paula White circulating on the internet.

Here is the full quote based on the video on youtube.

Let pride fall. Let pride fall. In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now. We declare that anything that is conceived in satanic womb, that it will miscarry. He will not be able to carry forth any form of destruction, any plan of harm

Paula White in a meeting

When I first saw this on Facebook, I thought somebody just made it all up.

But, I was wrong. I found the video in which she says the exact thing word for word.

Here is the video from Youtube.

I do not know when or where she said this.

Some one in the comment section on that YouTube video, tried to explain this way ….

Carnal will never understand spiritual ! She is not talking about babies she is talking about the plans and agendas of Satan and his kingdom to be miscarried. Satanic wombs are the people Satan uses to carry out his agenda.

Yolanda Galloway

Is Yolanda Galloway right? May be. Cannot confirm until I find the full video this excerpt (just 19 seconds) is taken from and circulated all over the internet.

Here is a video (not 100 percent similar to that of White) of another pastor ‘casting out’ a false pregnancy! Dono what to make of it. Very weird.

Here, I found the video of Paula White that show a little more context.

It does sound like she is talking symbolic.

This video by “Christian Preaching” has its comments turned off.

I hate it when people turn off comments on their videos on YouTube. What are they afraid of?


money in your wallet multiplies

Money in your wallet! Watch it multiply!

Money in their wallet multiplies as the man of god Charles Ibrahim prays for believers in a church in India.

In this video, money for some multiplies in their wallet. For some, they get an SMS confirmation from their bank of an immediate transfer (balance) even as the man of God prays.

This happenned in Paul Thangaiah’s church in 2018 which is in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, India.

I never met him in person. But did hear a lot about him when I was in Bangalore, India.

Who is Charles Ibrahim?

Charles Ibrahim is a Christian Minister heading “Arena of Liberty Internation” ministry based in/from Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

Calls himself a Prophet on his Facebook handle.

Claims in this video

SMS notification of a transfer / balance

In this video, Ibrahim claims to ‘cancel the debt of believers.’ A revival of prayer. He further claims ‘Miracle money is appearing everywhere.’

In a group of 200+, it is highly possible for a few to get SMS from their bank within that hour. That’s not a surprise.

In the testimony of the first person, who claimed he got about 50,000+ India Rupees, it was obvious that it was a notification of balance/transfer.

He claims it was a transfer from another bank (HDFC) account which he had closed about 3 years ago. That’s another possibility. Not a miracle.

No followup investigation whatsoever. This is a problem with almost all claims of miracles. Nobody follows up with their miracle receivers. Nobody verifies the claims. No supporting documents. No disclaimers from parties involved.

No one verified with this person or his bank. None called the bank to verify. Will HDFC accept it? Could that be an error on the part of the bank? Or, was it his own money from another bank to begin with?

No answer.

Money gets added into to this person’s wallet.

Another person (pony tails) claims to have received new currency notes in his wallet.

Yet again, there is no followup investigation. No body asked him if his parents, friends, or family placed that money in his wallet?

No answer.

YouTube video comments turned off

Oh, by the way, the comments for the following video is closed or disabled.

Why is that? Why won’t he allow people to add their ‘praise the Lord’ in the comments? That is what most believers do at the sight/smell of a miracle.

Oh, I get it. It is because he doesn’t want to see any critical / negative comments or an expose of a magic that this is.

By the way, in all the articles/videos I made/posted on YouTube or my blogs, I never disable(d) commenting by others. I have nothing to hide and am open to criticism or correction.

Ok, enough talking, watch it for yourself. Here is the video.

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An eye opener on Inquisition and Crusades

In this article, Theodore Shoebat shows how prominent Evangelical leaders have misinterpreted the history.

This is how Theodore opens his article:

The window of lies always needs the hinges of truth to have people feel comfortable enough to open it. And indeed, it has been opened many a time within the American church.

Theodore tackles the ‘unnecessary blame on the crusaders as a whole’ and the evangelical slander of the real church history simply because they did not consult the document sources for their assertions!

Is it not a far better triumph for the Church to convince and convert the Jews than to put them all to the sword? Has that prayer which the Church offers for the Jews, from the rising up of the sun to the going down thereof, that the veil may be taken from their hearts so that they may be led from the darkness of error into the light of truth, been instituted in vain? If she did not hope that they would believe and be converted, it would seem useless and vain for her to pray for them. But with the eye of mercy she considers how the Lord regards with favour him who renders good for evil and love for hatred. …Who is this man [Raoul] that he should make out the Prophet to be a liar and render void the treasures of Christ’s love and pity? (Quoted by Warren H. Carroll, A History of Christendom, vol. iii, ch. ii, p. 62)

– St. Bernard preached against the dangers of the teachings of a Cistercian monk named Raoul who called for the slaughter of the Jews.

Here is how Theodore concludes his article:

Numerous Christians, rightfully, speak out against Islam, but without ever acknowledging that if it were up to the Crusaders, there would be no Islamic problem, and not only this, but no leftist trait would ever find itself on a superior level over orthodoxy in Christendom. With such great zeal, the Crescent would be brought low before the Holy Cross, and the window of lies would be shattered, and would never manage to hijack the hinges the truth.

Why are Christians so ashamed of their history?

Because they do not know true history.

Source: Click here for Theodore’s full article.

Disclaimer:  I am not a Catholic but simply acknowledging the Quest for Truth inquiry and ascribing credit where it is due.


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Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was a church from 365 AD to 1453, when it was converted to a mosque by an Ottomen Sultan.

Hagia Sophia (/ˈhɑːɪə sˈfə/; from the Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία [aˈʝia soˈfia], “Holy Wisdom“; Latin: Sancta Sophia or Sancta Sapientia; Turkish: Ayasofya) is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. From the date of its dedication in 360 until 1453, it served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople,[1] except between 1204 and 1261, when it was converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Latin Empire. The building was a mosque from 29 May 1453 until 1931, when it was secularized. It was opened as a museum on 1 February 1935.[2]

The Church was dedicated to the Logos, the second person of the Holy Trinity,[3] its dedication feast taking place on 25 December, the anniversary of the Birth of the incarnation of the Logos in Christ.[3] Although it is sometimes referred to as Sancta Sophia (as though it were named after Saint Sophia), sophia is the phonetic spelling in Latin of the Greek word for wisdom – the full name in Greek being Ναός τῆς Ἁγίας τοῦ Θεοῦ Σοφίας, “Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God”.[4][5]

Famous in particular for its massive dome, it is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture[6] and is said to have “changed the history of architecture.”[7] It remained the world’s largest cathedral for nearly a thousand years thereafter, until Seville Cathedral was completed in 1520. The current building was originally constructed as a church between 532 and 537 on the orders of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and was the third Church of the Holy Wisdom to occupy the site, the previous two having both been destroyed by rioters. It was designed by the Greek scientists Isidore of Miletus, a physicist, and Anthemius of Tralles, a mathematician.[8]

The church contained a large collection of holy relics and featured, among other things, a 15-metre (49 ft) silver iconostasis. The focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly one thousand years, the building witnessed the excommunication of Patriarch Michael I Cerularius on the part of Pope Leo IX in 1054, an act which is commonly considered the start of the Great Schism.

In 1453, Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mehmed II, who subsequently ordered the building converted into a mosque.[9] The bells, altar, iconostasis, and sacrificial vessels were removed and many of the mosaics were plastered over. Islamic features – such as the mihrab, minbar, and four minarets – were added while in the possession of the Ottomans. It remained a mosque until 1931 when it was closed to the public for four years. It was re-opened in 1935 as a museum by the Republic of Turkey.

For almost 500 years the principal mosque of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia served as a model for many other Ottoman mosques, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque of Istanbul), the Şehzade Mosque, the Süleymaniye Mosque, the Rüstem Pasha Mosque and the Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque.

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living on or living for Christ

Some Christians are for living on Christ, but are not so anxious to live for Christ – C H Spurgeon.

He arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights.” – 1Ki_19:8

All the strength supplied to us by our gracious God is meant for service, not for wantonness or boasting. When the prophet Elijah found the cake baked on the coals, and the cruse of water placed at his head, as he lay under the juniper tree, he was no gentleman to be gratified with dainty fare that he might stretch himself at his ease; far otherwise, he was commissioned to go forty days and forty nights in the strength of it, journeying towards Horeb, the mount of God.

When the Master invited the disciples to “Come and dine” with him, after the feast was concluded he said to Peter, “Feed my sheep”; further adding, “Follow me.” Even thus it is with us; we eat the bread of heaven, that we may expend our strength in the Master’s service. We come to the passover, and eat of the paschal lamb with loins girt, and staff in hand, so as to start off at once when we have satisfied our hunger.

Some Christians are for living on Christ, but are not so anxious to live for Christ.

Earth should be a preparation for heaven; and heaven is the place where saints feast most and work most. They sit down at the table of our Lord, and they serve him day and night in his temple. They eat of heavenly food and render perfect service. Believer, in the strength you daily gain from Christ labor for him. Some of us have yet to learn much concerning the design of our Lord in giving us his grace.

We are not to retain the precious grains of truth as the Egyptian mummy held the wheat for ages, without giving it an opportunity to grow: we must sow it and water it. Why does the Lord send down the rain upon the thirsty earth, and give the genial sunshine? Is it not that these may all help the fruits of the earth to yield food for man? Even so the Lord feeds and refreshes our souls that we may afterwards use our renewed strength in the promotion of his glory.

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Mary Margaret – the little storyteller




Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation. -ESV 1 Peter 1:12

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