Bible Characters false teachers

look who slaps whom

I Kings 22.  Micaiah, son of Imlah.

In this passage, we see that the real prophet of the LORD(Micaiah) was slapped by one of the false prophets (Zedekiah).

Micaiah was called a ‘bad prophet’ by king of Israel, Ahab, Verse 8.  He also called Elijah ‘my enemy.’

But, Micaiah actually spoke the truth always, 22:14 and it stood firm.  Consequently, Zedekiah later dies as per Micaiah’s true prophecy.

When I recently warned some believers of their pastor’s ‘false practises, ‘ I was rejected and challenged.  I was questioned ‘can you do what he did?  It is true that that pastor worked hard to establish his church in the beginning of his ministry (when he was true to the word) and the Lord did reward him.  But today, his teaching is so much mixed with ‘wierd ideas.’

Few months later, I heard that same pastor preaching ‘the bread and wine becomes the body and blood’ on local tv on a live broadcast of his worship service one Sunday!!!

This is what happens when we speak the truth.  But, let us be bold as Micaiah and continue to speak the truth of the Gospel in love and boldness.